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A dreamer is about to leave his body - Artwork by Eric Bielak

Surreal UFOs traveling through space - Artwork by Adel Radwan

Dimension stalkers and Faerie gateways - Artwork by Michael Hope

Abstract and organic - Artwork by Paula Tyndale

"Temple Of Souls" - Artwork by David M. Sheridan

"Eternal Love" and others - Artwork by Jeremy Parnell

"View From Observation Deck 3" - Artwork by John Velez

Yetis and Night Visions - Artwork by Terry Kimbrell

"Vampyr" - Artwork by Dave Carson

"Bigfoot" - Artwork by Richard LaMonica

"Banshee" - Artwork by Tim Jennings

Surreal and Ethereal - Artwork by Guido Poggi

UFO - Artwork by Barry Townsend

"Alien Landscape" and "Alien Study" - Artwork by Davy Russell

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