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Dimension Stalker by Michael Hope
"Dimension Stalker"

Gateway To Faerie by Michael Hope
"Gateway To Faerie"

Michael Hope is a digital artist living near Atlanta, Georgia (USA). His artwork features the surreal, horror, and science fiction and has been shown at various conventions in the southeast including Fantasm 2002. You can see and buy his artwork at the upcoming DragonCon 2002 show. Visit him on the web at: www.fx-arcane.com. Click on the images to enlarge.


Dimenstion Stalker: I made this one to illustrate a creature in a role-playing game I am running. "Stalker" humors my dark and squishy side, my love of the surreal and weird creatures. -- Michael Hope

Gateway to Faerie: This piece is part of a series of mine exploring what happens when you "disect" or reflect natural, organic, chaotic form at right angles. The forms that reaveal themselves interest me especially. Might higher dimensions and beings be just an angle away? -- Michael Hope

Copyright by Michael Hope, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

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