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Paranormal Images

Paranormal Images

Paranormal Images

by Terry Kimbrell

Red glowing eyes on a moonlit night;

The thirst for blood burns inside.

Silent and swift you move through the shadows,

Looking for your depravity to be satisfied.

Your curse inherited from the devils mark;

Not asked for but attained all the same.

Transformed into a beast of hell;

Pure evil manifested in wolf-like frame.

Unknowing victims your fangs destroy;

Devoured in their fear and disbelief.

The last gasp of life the predator's goal,

And the bloodlust a temporary relief.

Remember as you walk down a moonlit lane;

With the sounds of darkness all around.

Beware of the cursed one who roams the night;

Your image in red glowing eyes could be found.

(c) 1998 Terry Kimbrell. All rights reserved.

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