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Paranormal Images

Paranormal Images

by Everglais

The vampyre roams the earth at night
Sucking the blood, stealing life.
Yet giving a gift, so joyfully sweet -
Fulfilling desires while he feeds.

He spots his victim, but wishes no harm.
I'm fearful as he approaches, but his gaze makes me calm.
He embraces me passionately, and gives me a kiss.
I long to have him fulfill every desire and wish.

His gaze is paralyzing, dark and intense.
The room is dark, with a faint smell of incense.
He kisses my neck, and I close my eyes tight -
Then the sharp pain of his sudden bite.

Pain and pleasure, combined in one,
While he sucks the blood from my neck til he's done,
Kisses me passionately, and then he's gone
And returns to his coffin, avoiding the sun.

Copyright - Everglais. All rights reserved.

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