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Paranormal Images

Paranormal Images

Paranormal Images

by Sarah Russell

Painted faces, dressed in black,
Their sleek black hair flowing down their backs,
They parade around in their gothic attire,
Here at the Theatre of the Vampyres.

Mysterious in their actions, they charm the crowd,
And of their work, they are so proud.
Mortal minds are unable to comprehend
The evil intentions of the fiends.

They mystify and mesmorize.
They have no script to memorize.
They create drama from every mortal tear,
And gain strength from their victim's fear.

And after their deadly deed is done,
The audience leaves, saying "Oh, what fun!"
They do not realize what just took place -
The death of a member of the human race.

And the vampyres roam the earth again,
Searching for their next victim.
And the mystery of their life inspires
The next drama at the Theatre of the Vampyres.

Copyright - Sarah Russell. All rights reserved.

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