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Dragon Slayer
by Terry Kimbrell

With eyes fixed in gallant stare;

My presence with sword I announce.

Dragon's breath flickers a deadly glare;

The earth rumbles 'neath its sudden pounce.

Flame meets shield, iron glows red;

The air is heavy with sulfurous heat.

To long has the beast filled hearts with dread;

For my honor the serpent must fall in defeat.

A razor edge finds flesh then bone;

From a headless body fire and blood rains.

No more this demon through our land will roam;

With dragon's blood may my blade always be stained.

As I step from dark lair to morning light;

The sun is but a temporary friend.

Somewhere another vile creature takes flight;

With last dragon's breath, or mine, the quest will end.

(c) 1998 Terry Kimbrell. All rights reserved.

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