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The Daughter of Man
by Jesse Glass

"...that they were fair."
-- Genesis 6:2.

The mask of lead floated before her sight; the heavy phallus

slid from its nickel sheath & lifted her toward the sky

where the sexless divisions of the Elohim

fumed & thundered in a pillar of fire.

What knowledge did the Daughter of Man hold like a stake in her flesh

while she unfurled the world’s governments from her fingertips, & tried in vain

to decipher

the glitter of those eyes trapped behind their shield? Did she

feel the blueprint of the ages fuse with her secret egg, hear

the hoarse whisper of a lascivious Angel when the egg split like an atom?

And when the pink tube fanned forth like a wrist in her womb

did she stand alone in the grove

feeling the nodules grow into dangerous fingers? Giants

fell from her in time. Their opposable thumbs

split rocks into menhirs; pinched eyes into sightless clay.

They cut their magical countersigns in stone; shot arrows

through the clouds & watched them fall, blood-tipped, back to earth.

They licked the glitter & roared success

while their bestial mother squatted in darkness,

the refulgent armies passing through her

onto the plains. The wilderness

held the impress of their movements

like a clouded mirror turned to a sky

where no fleshy ghosts now rode

the golden disc of the sun or

the silver disc of the moon, & the giants stood

in rain inventing

despair for every living thing

wrapped in a loop of wire hooked

to two secret poles; one number

glinting above its head, another

chiseled darkly beneath its feet. Today a new Pillar of Fire

leads us into a wilderness

of cement polygons, where we stand

watching the curious lights

wobble before they fade,

and we recall the whispered promises

among the midden heaps where oddly familiar strangers

leave us kneeling

sobbing, pointing toward heaven. .

Copyright - Jesse Glass. All rights reserved.
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