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Did you?
by Mark Tomlinson

Did you hear me on the landing as I stood outside your door?
You must have heard my footsteps on the stair.
I made a lot of noise, the floorboards must have creaked for sure.
Why don't you come and see if I am there?

Did you see me in the mirror as you brushed your teeth tonight?
You must have seen me waving from behind.
I moved the shower curtain and I swung the bathroom light.
Why do you ignore me, are you blind?

Did you feel me touch your shoulder as you read your little book.
You must have felt my fingers soft as snow.
I know I made you shiver, I could tell it by your look.
Why you still deny me I don't know.

Do you know that when you're sleeping mine's the face you see in dreams.
You must remember something when you rise.
I'm the one you run from, I'm the one who makes you scream
Why d'you think you pray for morning skies?

Copyright - Mark Tomlinson. All rights reserved.

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